Urban Voices is a full-service urban radio production service that provides urban voice-over talent and urban radio commercials to urban concert promoters and urban radio stations abroad. Our specialty is urban voice-overs and urban radio commercials. We deliver quality urban radio production specifically designed for urban, hip hop and gospel radio stations with a crew of the top urban voice-over talents in the country. We voice and produce urban radio commercials, and urban radio imaging thus giving you a distinct urban sound for your radio or television station or commercial advertising. We have worked with the top radio stations, concert promoters, night clubs, advertising agencies and special events planners in the country giving each of our client’s cutting edge urban radio production. Whether, its radio station imaging, concert commercials, radio and TV promos, gospel concerts or record labels, choosing urban voice-over talent and urban radio production for your next project just got easier with Urban Voices.

Take the hassle out of branding your radio station, product or service and let the urban voice-over talent and radio production team at Urban Voices take your project to the next level with creative urban radio commercials and urban radio imaging.

We are Urban Radio Production Voice-Over Specialists

Hip Hop Canada has focused on promoting Canadian hip-hop and providing dedicated avenues of support for the thousands of members of the continuously growing hip-hop community.


We are industry professionals who have worked in the music industry in various capacities over the last 20 years. We target Radio Programmers, DJs, the Music Industry and Consumers daily with the Radio Facts blog.


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Urban Insite.com offers an urban brand of information, special features, interesting radio and music articles, monthly and quarterly Nielsen ratings, urban radio news and breaking news bulletins, job opportunities, market airchecks, new music releases


“I have been doing business with Urban Voices for more years than I can remember (because I have gotten old in the process), but the experience has been great! I have been satisfied and look forward to many more years of service. AL, keep up the good work!”

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